Our Partners

Together with our partners we have production facilities at several locations. Thanks to short distances and efficient communication our customer service is fast and cooperative.


HPS Gummifabrik Heymer, Pilz Söhne GmbH

The Gummifabrik Heymer, Pilz Söhne GmbH is located in Meuselwitz / Thüringen, a small town approximately 40 km south of Leipzig.
The company was founded in 1904 and was the first baby carriage tire manufacturer in Germany. The years following the Second World War were somewhat tumultuous for the company, resulting in expropriation and other conditions imposed by the former GDR. Since 1991 the company has been privately owned and has developed into a production facility with excellent connectivity and cost effective wages and production processes.

Since 2002, a close cooperation between HPS and SBG has developed concerning small and medium sized serial production lines. As a result of a very flexible production system, we are able to offer you together with HPS fast shipment or shipment at short notice at an attractive price.


Südbadische Gummiwerke GmbH

Werkzeug- und Formenbau

In January 2015 SBG opened a new tool shop in Schlottwitz/Sachsen.

With this location we established a basis for further increase. We extendet our capacities for producing new complex injection mouldings and we are aligned for the future with a modern machinery.