Microvulcanization is our specially customized production method to manufacture formed parts in millimeter range. We have discovered solutions to be able to produce the smallest formed parts and composite parts that allow us to meet your demands and functionality requirements that were not possible in the past. More performance in smaller spaces is becoming more important.    


Micro-electronics, Micro-optics, Micro-mechanics, Micro-fluidics, Sensor Technology


  • Microparts allow end products with improved functionality, which provide a performance advantage and a competitive edge  
  • Miniaturization = more functionality in the same amount of space  
  • Less raw materials required and less energy used results in lower production costs
  • Smaller, lighter and often more effective  
  • Integration of new functions that are up to the demands of the high intelligence devices used today   

Our clean room is specially designed for the production of these products and guarantees a high quality in the goods shipped to our customers.